Tax Express Services

We Offer The Following Professional Tax Services:

Income Tax Preparation Including:

• Personal Federal Income Taxes (both short and long forms)
• All State Income Tax Returns
• Corporate, Partnership and Fiduciary Tax Returns
• Employer Tax Returns
• I.R.S. and State Problem Resolution

Accounting Services Including:

• Payroll Services and Payroll Accounting
• Quarterly Federal and State Payroll Reports
• Reasonably Priced Small Business Accounting Services
• Accounting Services include preparation of Balance Sheets, Profit & Loss Statements and Tax Reporting Requirements

***FOR YOU DO-IT-YOURSELFERS we offer on-line filing!***

If you are filing a 1040EZ, 1040A or a 1040 you may qualify for our on-line filing services!
If you qualify, these services are available to you with no preparer fees!

You pay a small transmission fee of:

-»1040EZ & 1040A...$14.95
-»Available States......$5.00

You will need a browser capable of SSL encryption and you will need to have a copy of last year’s Income Tax Return for I.R.S. security purposes. Your information will be securely and safely transmitted to the I.R.S. and you should receive your refund in 8-15 days!

If you experience any difficulties with our on-line filing, please call, e-mail or visit our office for personal assistance.

Phone: 505-989-3446   Fax: 505-989-3490   TAXMAN@RT66.COM